A Patented Laser Optical device and Non-Invasive Procedure

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Revolutionizing Presbyopic Laser Eye Correction
Presbyopia is an eye impairment caused by the gradual aging and stiffening of eye lens, typically after age 40, making the lens less “accommodating”, and worse at clearly seeing the details of close objects.
Team VIS

George Aubrey

Chief Executive Officer

Don Schwall

Chief Commercial Officer

Harry Glen MD

Chief Medical Officer

John Murphy

Advisor to the Board
Steve Klyce PhD

Steve Klyce PhD FAVRO

Scientific Director
Marguerite McDonald MD

Marguerite McDonald MD FACS

Key Opinion Leader

Jerry Rein, BSc

Engineering Director

Don Hurd

Design, Development, and Validation Advisor

Jeannie C

FDA Regulatory Advisor

Kristy Wort, BBA

Clinical and Regulatory Advisor

Total Diversity

Clinical Research Organization

RQC Partners

Global GxP Advisor
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Well, that's not 20/20...

VIS understands that sight is very precious; the one sense people fear losing most. VIS’ mission is to commercialize and scale proprietary, laser-based optical device systems for ophthalmologists to treat patients using, safe, fast, and affordable procedures with excellent results.

DISCLAIMER: The VIS Optimal Keratoplasty (Opti-K™) System is an investigational device, and it is not available for sale or use in the United States.

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