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Optimal keratoplasty (Opti-K™) is a patented procedure performed using a proprietary thulium fiber continuous wave (cw) laser for anterior stromal heating together with a sapphire applanation window for epithelial protection. Opti-K™ has been used to improve uncorrected near visual acuity (UNVA) in emmetropic presbyopes while retaining or even improving uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA) – a truly optimal result that is linked to corneal multifocality produced by optimal keratoplasty. Opti-K™ has also been used to improve both UDVA and UNVA in hyperopic presbyopes. The procedure is noninvasive, simple, rapid, comfortable and repeatable. It is non-invasive, there is no cutting, and it is repeatable. On April 19, 2023 the FDA approved the Opti-K™ Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) to begin the Phase III Pivotal Study, the final phase of our FDA clinical trial.

Presbyopia is the gradual loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects. It’s a natural, often annoying part of aging. Presbyopia usually becomes noticeable in your early to mid-40s and continues to worsen until around age 65. You may become aware of presbyopia when you start holding books and newspapers at arm’s length to be able to read them. A basic eye exam can confirm presbyopia. Typically, this is corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or invasive surgeries. Now there’s Opti-K™.

Opti-K™ is also being used in Canada for the treatment of dry Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) under an approved Investigational Testing Authorization (ITA) issued by Health Canada on December 20, 2023.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease that can blur your central vision. It happens when aging causes damage to the macula — the part of the eye that controls sharp, straight-ahead vision. The macula is part of the retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye).

AMD is a common condition — it’s a leading cause of vision loss for older adults. AMD doesn’t cause complete blindness, but losing your central vision can make it harder to see faces, read, drive, or do close-up work like cooking or fixing things around the house. 

VIS understands that sight is very precious; the one sense people fear losing most. VIS’ mission is to commercialize and scale proprietary, laser-based optical device systems for ophthalmologists to treat patients using, safe, fast, and affordable procedures with excellent results.

DISCLAIMER: The VIS Optimal Keratoplasty (Opti-K™) System is an investigational device, and it is not available for sale or use in the United States.

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